Gravel Adventure in Germany‘s Wild East

It was no surprise when we got the message from Vätternrundan in April 2020 that the event will not take place in June 2020. So, instead of riding with 20.000 other participants 315 kilometer around the second largest lake in Sweden, we decided to explore the wild east of Germany including the Bohemian border region. Luckily, the boarder was officially re-opened again just a couple days before our trip started.

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Summer is back!

After another great ride in North Vancouver we drove south to Leavenworth, Washington. But what we saw the next morning was a little bit disappointing: it was end of September and everything above 1000 feet was covered in snow. We quickly decided to drive further south. After another 15 hours of driving we found summer again in Moab, Utah. On top of that we also found our Columbian friend Cesar (by accident).

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First Gravel Ride in Santa Fe

Santa Fe liegt auf knapp 2.200 Meter. Wir spüren die dünne Luft und gewöhnen uns an die Höhe mit einer kleinen Gravelrunde. Auf dem Weg zum Start der Runde überfahren wir fast eine Klapperschlange.

Santa Fe is located at almost 2,200 meters. We feel the thin air and get used to the altitude with a short ride on our gravel bikes. On the way to the start of the ride, we almost run over a rattlesnake.

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