This was awesome …

– 128 days on the road with almost 12,000 miles
– 4 months of sunshine except for 2 full days of rain and some short showers
– riding lots of world class singletrack 
– and the best of all: meeting so many great people and new friends:
To our riding crew in Canada:
Our time with you in the Kooteneys was very special. It has still a big place in our memories. Hope you visit us in Europe soon. If not, we will be back. You won’t get rid of us anymore! We love riding on black bears and always remember: Keep it real & keep the rubberside down! 
To Darrell & Jen:
It was fun meeting you first in the laundry in Durango and seeing you again only one day later in the Hermosa Creek Shuttle. But it was even more fun staying with you and your friends two month later in South Lake Tahoe!
To John & Janet:
Thanks for guiding us and our friends Nina & Stephan through the beautiful trails of Sedona. This was awesome. The slime against cactus flats is still in our tires. In addition, we will never forget the food at the „Elote“ Restaurant and hopefully you will never forget „Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat“. We are looking forward riding with you next summer in Europe. We would love to show you some of the best trails in the Alps.
To Bex and Ben:
Thanks for saving Nina & Stephan’s Cruise America Rental on Gooseberry Mesa with your Toyota Tacoma. This saved us from waiting days for the dirt road to dry out (and potentially missing the Redbull Rampage). It was so cool seeing you again by accident a couple of days later at the Thundermountain Trailhead. And it was a blast riding together the legendary „Mag7 to Portal“ trail in Moab. Thanks for finding the blue dots that made this trail awesome and more than unique!!!
To Dale & Rolande:
Great that we met in Moab & thanks for introducing us to Jeeping. Building a suite out of a warehouse with ¼ living space and ¾ garage space is a great idea. We have never been in such a huge motorhome before. Just amazing!

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Washington D.C.

Wir sind wieder an der Ostküste angekommen. Heute morgen hatten wir ein Date mit Kurt Müller. Kurt bringt unser “mobiles Ferienhaus” in den Hafen von Baltimore und erledigt den Papierkram. Wir sind nicht die einzigen, die hier am Hafen auf Kurt warten. Wir treffen 4 weitere Wohnmobil-Besitzer aus Deutschland, Belgien und den Niederlanden. Während unser “mobiles Ferienhaus” noch eine Woche im Hafen von Baltimore verbringt, bleiben uns noch 2 Tage bis zum Abflug. 

Mit dem Mietauto geht’s zum Sightseeing nach Washington D.C. …

… aber irgendwie halten wir es ohne Rad nicht lange aus: