Gravel Adventure in Germany‘s Wild East

It was no surprise when we got the message from Vätternrundan in April 2020 that the event will not take place in June 2020. So, instead of riding with 20.000 other participants 315 kilometer around the second largest lake in Sweden, we decided to explore the wild east of Germany including the Bohemian border region. Luckily, the boarder was officially re-opened again just a couple days before our trip started.

Thanks to an article about the „Bohemian Border Bash“ in a German Gravel Magazine and the links to their GPX tracks, we had lots of routes to choose from. All routes lead through the stunning landscapes of the national parks of „Saxon Switzerland“ in Germany and „Bohemian Switzerland“ in Czech Republic – a real Gravel Paradise!


2 thoughts on “Gravel Adventure in Germany‘s Wild East”

  1. Haha, das ist ja lustig, Hab gerade eine Sachen/Böhmen Schweiz Tour zu Sylvester geplant. Start ist Ostrauer Mühle. Affefelsen zu Charta Tokan……auch am Holzman vorbei…..;-)

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